RV Camper™ Product History

In 2016, RV Camper™, a small company located in Medford, Oregon, partnered with RV Concepts, the creator of Happy Campers, to distribute a better product for the RV market.  RV Concepts company owner, Monty Wray, realized he had a product that would revolutionize the camping industry and the comfort of campers.  He named his product Happy Campers Odorless Holding Tank Treatment.  Shortly after, Mr. Wray expanded his product for use in septic tanks, and marine use. As a result of testing his product in boat waste systems, Happy Campers Odorless Holding Tank Treatment had revolutionized odor treatment in the boating industry and for boaters across the country.

Now Happy Campers Odorless Holding Tank Treatment are the industry standard for eliminating holding tank odors completely.  Each product will work in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and will continue to work until your boat holding tank is pumped out or you dump your RV holding tank.


About RV Campers

RV Camper™ is the licensed and authorized Amazon Seller for Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment. Located just a couple of minutes away from Monty’s manufacturing facility in Medford, Oregon – we’re set up to deliver this great product at the best prices available online.

We stand behind the manufactures’ guarantee that the Happy Campers product does it’s job to eliminate holding tank odors with a 100% money back guarantee.